How camps can leverage Chatgpt: A Guide to Effective Prompting for Camp related tasks

Managing the daily chaos of camp administration is no easy task. You’re managing registrations, deciphering the cryptic texts from teen counselors, catering to the changing preferences of young campers, and of course, there is the annual budget meeting to make your case for a more realistic budget. What you need is a dependable assistant who […]

Shutting Down the Camp Machine: How to End This Season with Next Season in Mind 

“We can’t find the Blob.”  “What?! It’s gigantic! What do you mean, ‘we can’t find the Blob’?”  “I dunno…” shrug. “At least…it’s not where you said it would be.”   “Sure it is. It’s next to the pool house under the –”  “Found it!” your radio shouts, interrupting your conversation with the new waterfront staff. “It’s […]

track with word finish

Don’t Just End Camp, Finish!

Everything ends, but not everything gets finished. Anyone who has worked at camp feels me. The end of the week comes all summer long, but how many weeks go by unfinished. Things left undone. Loose ends left to dangle. Let’s make this summer different. Let’s not just end. Let’s finish.


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