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At UltraCamp, our pricing is structured so that our success hinges on our clients continual growth and success with our software. This mutually beneficial partnership is why we are the only ones capable of providing unsurpassed benefits & features at one of the lowest starting rates in the industry.

Unlimited 1-to-1 Training

Instead of promising everyone can easily learn our software, we promise that we will train you until you can easily use our software.


Free Emergency Support

Until we find a way to convince problems to take nights & weekends off, you will get free access to our emergency support.

Unlimited Admin Users

You pay for the right to use our software, so how many admin users you want to have is your choice, not ours.

Unlimited Custom Reports

Being able to easily run any report on every aspect of your camp is essential if you wish to grow and improve your camp. So we have no limits or fees even if you need a little extra help.

Rainy Day Protection

With an exception of a minimum fee, customers only get charged based on actual use rather than what they were quoted.

Love It, or Leave It Guarantee

We want you to love UltraCamp. Therefore, if you end up wanting to leave UltraCamp for any reason, you are free to do so without penalties or fees.



Thanks, we will get that right out to you.

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Helpful for camps with In-Person Stores

Helpful if you rent out buildings or space.

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Your Total Costs

[item-911_title] One-Time Setup Fee Due Upon Signing: $1,000 


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Multiple payment options are available. You will not be billed for the use of our system until you are set up and receive your first registration

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Biographical import (name, birthdate, contact info in the prescribed format) are included in the Setup Fee.  Upon request, UltraCamp will import other information such as Donations and/or Reservations for an additional cost.  The cost will be quoted on an individual basis, based on the usability of the information to be imported, the estimated time necessary and the stated timeline for import.

With more than 3000 annual reservations you would be eligible for enterprise pricing so you would want to reach out to a sales associate for a custom quote.

UltraCamp makes credit card payment processing easy through our Stipe integration. To learn more about Stripe and their fees please visit We also offer ACH processing.

UltraCamp charges a 0.1% fee for every transaction. All other payment processing fees are determined by the processor. 

Yes, as long as it is compatible with an NMI gateway

UltraCamp does not require any fixed length contracts.

Below is the complete list of our fees. 

    1. Data import from your current provider = $199
    2. Mass text messaging and phone calls = $5 per month the service is used and $0.02 per text and $0.10 per phone call
    3. Photo Gallery Downloads = 30% of what you charge your customers
    4. One-way Camper email purchases = 30% of what you charge your customers
    5. E-fax processing = $0.15 per page
    6. Background checks = $11.99 – $24.99 plus local county fees

Comprehensive Feature List

Online RegistrationsOnline PaymentGroup & Conference Management Administration/ Camp OperationsReporting & AnalyticsFinance Management
Profile Photos
Credit/Debit Card Payments
Attendance tracking

Revenue Summaries
Calendar & Detailed Timeline view
Track Late arrivals & Early Pick-ups
Form Reporting 

Outstanding Balances
Conditional Logic
Printable Daily Lunch orders.
Save-able Report Templates
Automated End of year tax statements Account Creation Parameters
Coupon Codes
Double Booking prevention
Camper protection 

Drag & Drop Report Builder
Refunds User-Flow Control
Conditional Discounts
Check-in /check/out
Group Placement
Health Concerns List
Misc. transactions
Registration Templates
Manual and Automatic price adjustments
Assign Resources
Authorized Pick-Ups and Emergency Contacts 

Attendance Reports
Easy Group Registration
Add Cancelation Fees
Meal schedules
Track Staff Application status
Custom Registration Question Reports
Conditional options
Automated Payment Reminder Emails & Texts
Housekeeping Reports
Automate Reference
Activity Frequency Reports
Custom Questions
General Ledger Numbers
Create custom user roles
Camper History Reports
Wait lists and capacity management

Customized Payment Plans
“Read-Only” Users.
Rebust Finance Reports
Custom Confirmations

Camp Store Accounts
Lock contracts to prevent changes.
Document Portal
Add Bus Stops
Parent Dashboard
Add Bus Door-to-Door Options
Unlimited Sessions
Assign busses to specific bus stops
Organize Routes
Camper Bus Stop Schedules
Design Customizer
Quick Camper Pickup Changes
Photo Gallery
Staff Applications
Charge for Professional Photo Downloads
API Integration
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