Spencer Mroczek

Spencer Mroczek once felt compelled to give people two cents to consider his viewpoints. However, after honing his skills, he reversed the trend, boosting his revenue by 200% by charging a penny for his thoughts. Today, in his capacity as the Digital Experience Strategist at UltraCamp, Spencer has found a way to earn a salary for his thoughts. Initially, his role centered around UX and UI, but with the rise of Generative AI, he swiftly evolved into a go-to resource for leveraging this technology to outsource the tasks he’d rather avoid. Outside of UltraCamp, Spencer is a husband and a father to two princesses and a young Spiderman. His weekends are often a blend of hunting adventures, smoked meats, and explaining the complex realities of life to his children, such as the necessity of using feminine pronouns when referring to his truck.

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How camps can leverage Chatgpt: A Guide to Effective Prompting for Camp related tasks

Managing the daily chaos of camp administration is no easy task. You’re managing registrations, deciphering the cryptic texts from teen counselors, catering to the changing preferences of young campers, and of course, there is the annual budget meeting to make your case for a more realistic budget. What you need is a dependable assistant who […]

How to connect with donors during a pandemic

Across the country, camp staff are attempting to navigate through uncharted waters in an effort to bridge the gap between the camp experience that they know and love and the new realities brought on by COVID-19. Now more than ever, it is vital that camps keep lines of communication open and alive with their donor base.


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