5 Reasons Why You Should Work At Camp

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Are you wondering what to do for a summer job this year? Do you want something that’s rewarding (and yes, even fun), but also looks good on your resume? 

No matter your college major, a strong work ethic and interpersonal skills are necessary in the workplace. Working at a summer camp provides plenty of opportunities to improve on both, while also teaching you new skills that will help you stand out in the job market. Search any resume site, and you’ll see how essential these soft skills are to your success. 

What exactly are soft skills? They are also known as “people skills,” and they refer to your communication style, ability to work in a team environment, and level of professionalism. They can be harder to measure than grades or a professional certificate, but they give employers an idea of what you’re like to work with and how well you do your job.

Every great camp experience is built on the ability to work together as a team!

A summer camp job is a great way to develop and fine-tune those softs skills that employers want and expect. Here are five ways that working at camp can give you an edge in the workplace.

1: Working at Summer Camp Improves Your Communication Skills

Communication is key at camp, and you will be refining your interpersonal communication skills with a wide variety of people, including campers, parents, and other staff members. You’ll also be helping campers improve their communication skills, whether you’re working one-on-one with a camper or leading group activities. 

Resume Adjectives: listening, motivation, empathy, and persuasive.

2: Summer Camp Encourages Teamwork. 

Working at a camp is a great way to learn and practice teamwork. The majority of the camp experience is spent participating in group activities. You’ll work and live with people who have a variety of skills, interests, personalities, and ages, all working toward the same goal. Every great camp experience is built on the ability to work together as a team!

Resume Adjectives: collaborate, cooperative, guide, or support.

3: Working at Summer Camp Develops Leadership Skills

As a counselor, you immediately become a mentor and role model to 8-10 kids from day one. This is both inspiring and somewhat intimidating. These kids are looking to you for direction, not just on the ropes course or in the lunch line, but for any life challenge that may pop up.

During your time at camp, you’ll get plenty of experience taking charge in a group setting as well as seeing a variety of leadership styles from other staff members. These experiences will give you the confidence to handle whatever comes your way.

Resume Adjectives: mentor, motivate, guide, or engage.

4: Summer Camp Encourages Creative Problem-Solving

Camp provides plenty of opportunities to practice creative problem solving. From a change of plans due to bad weather or a camper issue, you’ll learn how to adapt and be flexible in any situation. This is a skill that will prove invaluable in any job.

Resume Adjectives: adapt, analyze, or resourceful.

5: Working at Summer Camp Teaches You Responsibility

A summer camp counselor is like a teacher, guide, and friend; all rolled into one. You may be organizing events, communicating with parents and staff, and leading a group of kids with different needs, personalities, and expectations through a week-long adventure. You’ll help make sure everyone has a positive summer camp experience.

Resume Adjectives: lead, guide, implement, or reliable.


Working at camp teaches essential skills that will benefit your future career. These skills will help you succeed as an individual and show potential employers that you can handle any challenge that comes your way.

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