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It's Your Turn to Be Excited for Camp Season

With software that adapts to your camp’s needs and unlimited support, you’re never left out in the woods. Camp is more enjoyable with UltraCamp.

All the Features You Need To Work Smarter, Boost Efficiency, and Save Time

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Session Management

With UltraCamp management software, you will be able to create conditional registration options, ask questions, create payment plans, collect signatures, customize required waivers and more!


Health Management

Now you can track camper medications and distribution, incident reporting and everything else your camp nurse requires, all in one place.


User Experience

All of the admin tools in the world won’t mean a thing if your customers can’t figured out how to register; that's where UltraCamp comes in.

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Free up time to focus on other tasks. Our system features an automatic withdrawal payment plan, ensuring all payments are made on time.


Donor Management

Assess and foster your donor relationships with tools for analytics, communication and promotion.


Finance Management

Easily access your financial data for analysis and projection and ensure your organization is fiscally healthy.

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On-Site Management

Streamlined processes and smart automation enable your team to focus on what's important, delivering an outstanding camp experience.


Analytics & Reporting

Remove the guesswork out of your decision making process. With the ability to report on every bit of info collected, now your only question is, “What do I want to know?”


Communication Management

Simple and easy to use tools for communication with your customers, donors and prospects.


Staff Management

Streamline the Staff Application process with online forms, integrated background checks and third-party reference forms, all in one place.

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Conference & Retreat Management

Easily create invoices and contracts for your groups, distribute usage calendar information across your team and ensure everyone is up to speed.


Point of Sale Management

Seamless integration with our Store Deposits function allows you to charge your customers’ house accounts directly at the register.

How Are We Different?

Unlimited Admin Users

Unlimited Custom Reports

No Contracts


Transparent Pricing

Unlimited One-on-One Training

Unlimited Premium Support



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"After being involved for 25 summers in camp ministry 14 of those directly involved in administration, I have never seen a better program for the registration of campers. I have used 3 different programs over the years and have never had the kind of success we experienced this summer. The program was easy to use and the best part was our client’s parents loved it! They enjoyed the convenience of the online registration and felt that they had a part in planning their schedule of activities during their stay. We found the technical support EXCELLENT and FAST. Thanks UltraCamp, we are believers!”

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